Upcoming workshops


Elsabe Pepler Communication and Writing have some playful upcoming workshops which are investing in YOU – the most important person in your life, right? (Even though we sometimes try and say that we are not that self-centered or egotistical, ha).

On Saturday, 24th of September 2016, from 09:30 to 15:00, in Pinelands (Cape Town), you should attend a Storytelling Therapy Workshop. This is the story about the workshop …

When we meet new people, they often ask us, or we ask them, “So what is your story?”. A mentor of mine always said when he met a new person: Who are you, where do you come from and where are you going?

Can you answer these questions? It is sometimes hard to tell our own stories so that it makes sense to others (and ourselves). We want and need to forget certain bad episodes and times. We want to hold to times when we were very happy. We replay our mistakes again and again in our minds and are in a sense held captive by them.

So spend a morning with yourself and really write and design your own personal life story. You can rewrite some of the bad patches, and also your future chapters. Our minds and memories are powerful masters.

Bring along some old photographs, mementos, letters, books or items that are important to you. You will react to certain questions and prompts and write the story of your life.

All refreshments and material are included in the R400 cover price.


083 273 9183