In the old days, a degree was important to find a job, a good one. Nowadays, the key word is experience, dude. But how do you get experience?

Today, qualifications mean little. To have a box full of degrees and certificates and diplomas does not mean so much. Rather, employers and clients want to know one thing only: what can you DO for me? How can you help me get better service, more clients, more money, respect, and promotion?

Experience is gold

Nothing, however, can replace of good, old-fashioned experience. That shows if you know what you are doing.

I do know this, as well, though.

A paper or qualification or certificate or degree do not mean much in the industry and world of work.  But it tells people that a person has learned some theory and skills. If one does not understand the process of communication, for example, or knows how to code, or knows how to hold a camera or do editing or write well, where will you start doing it?

Many jobs demand a certificate, or qualification, or proof of registration at a certain organization. I really believe that we learn optimally while working with others. It is during collaboration that we learn teamwork, punctuality, commitment, and quality of work. A degree shows an employer that you have attended your classes, studied for assessments, and attended required practical sessions. I believe that we should never stop learning, ever. There are so many courses and offers in the online world that can help you towards a qualification.

But most of all, if you have good communication skills, you will be an asset to any employer or business or company. Most good salesmen and women are great communicators – that’s why they sell something to you!

I have decades of experience in the field of communication and its related fields. I have always searched for the greatest writing skills because there are few things that communicate as well as a well-written text or nice picture. It is interesting that the media of earlier – books, magazines, radio and even vinyl records – are back in fashion. I think they never went out of fashion. In fact, is Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat not almost the same as good magazines that everybody loves to read? Radio, film, and television are more popular than ever – because it often sends good communication or messages.

I know that “papers” may not mean much to everyone. But I can assure you that I have learned hard skills and practices during the years that I have studied and worked in communication. You know that when you use me as a consultant, I am offering you years of experience, insight, and knowledge.

Anyway, check out my papers, go visit my LinkedIn profile or Facebook.