Social media and blogging (writing and maintenance)

We live in the time of social media.  You are in and on, or you are out and off.


If your brand is not communicating with your audiences and targets through the ever-present social media and blogging, you need to consider it for your own and your brand’s survival. Lots have been written about the growing importance of carrying content in your social media communication that can be of use for your audiences and intended target markets.

Here is one great article about how Facebook “is eating” the entire world: Facebook is eating the world.

The youth, in particular, are spending most of their time on the social media – blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram, Tinder and others – to tell each other about popular brands, activities and news.  Older groups are using it more for connection and service. The use of a blog to carry usable content to your followers cannot be overestimated.

But what does one write on your blog, your company’s Facebook page, your Twitter feed?

It can be daunting to know the difference between simple messages and those that give your audiences content. Studies are showing that people connect with brands that tell stories, and those that provide usable content to their followers.  Estimates are that the Internet has 600 million blogs, and 60 million websites.

I can assist you to write a social plan, do your social media writing and blogging, keep it up and do occasional measurements for effectiveness. Content in this case is king and queen.