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In South Africa, Department of Higher Education results indicate (at this link Postgraduate success in SA) that only about 19% of all master’s students in South Africa eventually graduate, while a small 13% of all doctoral students finally get to wear that red toga.

Some students are simply not prepared for what a dissertation or thesis will demand of them over two, three, five or maybe seven years.  (I know of two academics who worked for 14 years on their doctors degrees!)  Others start new, stressful jobs.  Another group of students get married, have children and get entangled in adult responsibilities.  Some get sick.  Many get tired and really bored.  Life happens, as it always does, even without your permission.

This is a great article on reasons why so many postgrad students abandon their studies:

Reasons for dropout at postgrad level


Based on my many years as postgraduate examiner and supervisor, I know that far too many students underestimate the grammatical, stylistic and written demands.  The academic content in a dissertation can be quite impressive, but the text needs editing or proof-reading – or maybe even translation. Whatever it is going to cost, will pay itself off when you get a great mark for grammar, spelling and editing.  (By the way, I have been study-leader for approximately 280 honors, masters and doctoral students’ documents, besides my own, in communication, journalism, public relations, narrative storytelling and reporting, political communication, corporate communication, video games, animation, film studies and design.)

In many cases, it is merely a case of survival of the fittest in academia, as this South African article in BusinessTech discusses the subject: SA’s alarming drop-out rate

Today’s audiences rely heavily on visual and graphical content. We like lovely documents created with all the available software.   Since I am also providing supervision for masters and doctoral students in Design, I know the value of a visually attractive document that will make a great impression on the examiners and readers.  I can help you with some basic design thinking to improve the structuring, layout and visual enhancement of your dissertation or thesis.


Some of the wonderful books in my research collection …

I can assist you with postgraduate support and services during your research journet.  Many doctoral promotors and master’s supervisors simply do not have enough time to help all of their students on a very regular basis, but that can cost the student a high price in the end.  It feels unfair to the student and it probably is.  But it is what it is.

I am a full member of both SAFREA (SA Freelancer Association) and SATI (SA Translation Institute).  They have both agreed to the same tariffs for editing, proof-reading and translation.

Contact me for assistance for editing, proof-reading, translation or research support.     I am still the nerd that loves t study!