Module and curriculum design | Quality assurance

During many years of lecturing at secondary tertiary institutions I have had to write and design the module or curriculum for many courses.  I have been involved in designing B.A. Media Studies undergraduate and postgraduate degrees various times.


If you need assistance with your module, curriculum and learning design, I would love to help you.  I also know what is required for quality assurance audits.  I can help you to get ready to pass your audit and keep your registration as a qualified provider with registered qualifications. (The visiting people need lots of tea and food to get through this taxing experience, and you too!)

The Department of Higher Education demands that all tertiary courses answer to strict specifications and rules. For this reason, all new qualifications and courses need to be designed by a person with expertise about the field, e,g, formative and summative assessment, outcomes and assessments.  To keep students optimally engaged, great module and curriculum design is critically important.

It is a daunting task to design a good certificate, diploma or degree for registration at the DHE.  I have been successful in designing the first fully-fledged motion design and animation degree a year ago, that was approved and registered without any changes, and has been implemented at a prestigious South African School for Creative Media Education.

If you have a well-designed module and curriculum, the work during the academic time-period is much less.  Less preparation, less marking, less stress.  Bonus time!


Contact me for any needs regarding writing your module and curriculum, and quality assurance.