Life coaching

During the past decade, the field of life coaching has matured and evolved.  Flaherty (2005: xi) says that not long ago, coaching “meant training athletes, performers and students … Recently … it extended into the worlds of management, leadership, entrepreneurship and performance”.

Now, there are different specialty coaches for relationships, declutter, motivation and getting-unstuck.  Life coaches have become popular to help identify clients with their focus and solutions.This easy-to-read article mentions ten things to look for in a coach that is right for you. Things to look for in a good coach. I am delighted to see good communication, interaction and feedback under those points.

What life coaching asks in current times is how one person (the coach) can help other people (coachees) to grow new capabilities, new insights and understanding.  With a life coach, you can get new personal solutions and improved habits, and most importantly new opportunities of thinking about yourself.  A new world opened up for me when I did an outstanding Coaching to Excellence course at the Graduate Business School of UCT in Cape Town.  Since then, I have attended more courses, like the Enneagram Approach, and I have a wonderful collection of books that I collected on this modern field.  I was a great “subject” for coaching myself.


Coaching books that have helped me greatly during times of uncertainty

The Dalai Lama said that “each human being has the potential to change, to transform their attitude, no matter how difficult the situation”.  Coaching awakens this potential in others, if the job is done right.  We all choose what attitude we have every day, but we sometimes need a push in the right direction too.

I believe that you have all the knowledge and all the tools ready in you to get solutions for your problems, whatever that may be.  But some of us, or all of us at times, often need a push in the direction to get to that answer which lies in us already.  We are all worthy to take some time and find out what makes us happier.


Life coaching can do the following for and with you:

Better plans to live a more fulfilled life

Get it over with certain problems for which you think there are no solutions

Discover your talents, potential and gifts anew

Make better choices and live a more balanced life

Get over specific challenges and set new goals and objectives

Feel better and happy with yourself, even excited about turning a new page (or writing a new story about yourself!)

Become a better version of yourself who deals with bad decisions and choices and get happier

Tackle and area which gives you problems

GET UNSTUCK. For me personally, this is one of the biggest pay-offs in coaching. When a neutral person who has good listening skills sit with you, they hear and see things that you may not be aware of in your confusing situation. A good coach will help you to get focused, set objectives and goals to accomplish and tick of your victories on your way to a more successful and happier you.

I have done a great Coaching Certificate at UCT’s Business School, and would love to do some coaching with you. You already have the best answers – you just need a push to tease them out.

Contact me for a coaching appointment to get you unstuck and happier.