Essay-writer and researcher

Two words that can put the fear into many people and students, are “essay” and “research”. 

Apparently Einstein, the Great Genius, said: “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” I love this sentence because of the mystery of research. One starts with a vague question, or something that you wonder about. And then you begin to find many interesting things.


Research for essays and studies is a miracle

Before you know it, you have many more questions that in the beginning. You even wonder what your original question was, and why you tried to get an answer! But if one sticks to the plan for essay-writing and research, it can be as easy as pie.

Many people need to do research. You need to do research to get answers. Maybe you need to develop a product or design something or advertise a brand or find out what readers of a newspaper or magazine like. Or maybe you need to write an essay for school. I will show you how to make a mind-map after making sure you understand the question well. The main goal is to focus!


Where do I start with research for an essay?

As an academic and a writer, I can help you to understand research better.

I can also help you write a great essay or report based on the research that you have done.

Why don’t you give me a ring if you need help with your essay, project or research?