Editing and translation

Make every word of your document count.

So why go to the trouble to find a qualified person who can do your document’s editing and translation?  Why not use your computer’s functions and check the grammar and spelling before you submit your document?

Because great grammar, correct spelling and punctuation, good editing and fluid translation keeps the reader reading.  It makes an impression on the receivers of the message.  It convinces them that you are a professional – and they will respect you for it. And every word counts.


Even in an ordinary email, it pleases the reader if your message is well-formulated, without glaring grammar and spelling mistakes.  If someone cannot even get an email right, how would they compile an entire document, is what some readers will be wondering.  Maybe this is your boss who is wondering whether he or she should promote you.

What if all the great authors in the world thought they can just write as they please, with little respect for the person who not only buys the book, but cares enough to read it.  The same goes for magazines, articles, reports, presentations, websites and even tweets.  We make lots of jokes about atrocious spelling and writing, but it is not really funny.  It is just a tiny bit sad.

It is thus vital to find someone who can do professional editing and translation on a document from another language into the person’s native language.  Read this important article on the critical use of an editor: The importance of good editing.

Editing means that a document is free of mistakes, but even more importantly that the text is flowing well, the tenses are right, and the impression is one of easy reading.   There are always ways in which something can be said or written better, nicer, shorter.  This is what we call good style.

And proofreading?  Of course your computer can do the proofreading.  Or not?  No, the devil is not only in the details, but there is also something called the printer’s devil.


Because I have edited a magazine, written a full master’s dissertation, some chapters in books and a bulky doctoral thesis, I have learned the hard way.  I have been ashamed because of bad proofreading, sloppy editing and occasional bad translation.  When one loses crucial marks, or the respect of the reader who does not believe that one is capable of doing my work well, the importance of good editing and language really sink in.

I would love to help your presentation, or book, article or even brief, or your dissertation or thesis get grammar ready for printing and distribution.  It takes a long time to develop these skills.  Please contact me for your translation, editing or proofreading needs.