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Have you ever longed to be creative through writing? JK Rowling, the most successful and popular writer of Harry Potter, was penny-less when she sat down in a coffee shop to try and write a creative story.  (You know how that ended for her and us.)

Creativity is the new big word, and it will never go out of fashion.  One of the many ways in which we can be creative, is through writing, or drawing, or making things. We all have a few stories in us, if only we take time to think through them.  Hollywood has us hooked, just because they are creative.  (Not even always.)


Just as with communication, there are people who believe that writers are born, not made.  I differ.  I think that many of us has the material and tools to be a writer, even if it only focuses on a few challenging chapters of your life. You do not have to be a published author and sell thousands of books to write your own story. I have spoken a few times on the radio about this thing of creativity. There are just so many ways in which people are creative today. And writing – well, we can all write, can’t we? So let me give you some trigger questions for you to begin to write your own life story.

Here is a great article on some brainstorming ideas to start writing: Creative ways to brainstorm ideas by WritersWrite.

The practice of your own creative writing is anyway not meant to become a best-selling book, but rather for yourself to understand the patterns of your life better.  You may find answers to the questions of “why do I always choose this option of not having conflict?”, or “why do I always choose the wrong partners?”. Through writing on a regular basis you may uncover “what creative talent and skills are hiding in me that I do not know of?”.


You will be scared at first to write the first words of your life on paper.  You will be convinced that you never have been and are not a creative person.

I believe that we are all creative, and that we just need some support to uncover our own creativity.  There are thousands of ways in which people are creative today.  Nobody has to see it, but you.  Your creative product does not need to become your main source of income.

Rather, it is a type of meditation, a kind of therapy, that in a certain sense helps you to put the emphasis on your own life.  Many of us find it so easy to look after others first, and then maybe after ourselves.


You, however, owe it to yourself to also look after your life.  You can only become the best “you” if you fully explore and know your own story.  In a creative writing workshop and personal story-time, you can let your memories go to the good and bad times, and write them down on a piece of paper or in a diary.  You could discover that you are actually a great writer who was always too scared to try it. (You know how many of us have a story of a teacher telling us we cannot sing, and then we never sing again, not even for the fun of it?)

Bernard Selling (2013, Writing from Within) says that “personal writing is a way of personal understanding”. Something in the act of taking a pencil or pen and a piece of paper shakes our memories loose.  If you are like me, you will prefer to write on your laptop or iPad or even your phone.  As long as you write, that’s great.  Many authors have started on a napkin in a coffee shop.

I invite you to become part of a Creative Writing or Creativity workshop where you, together with others, will discover new ways of remembering and telling your own story, and to inspire others – even if is it only your family – with your creative writing and other sources of creativity.

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