Communication and media audits

It is crystal clear that your personal brand or your commodity brand’s success and survival depend on your communication  messages.  Whether these “messages” are sent through your personal talks and body language, or through your logo or social media or presentations, one cannot just hope and pray that it will hit the target.

From time to time, it is a great plan to measure the success (or failure) of your communication and media plans. How many followers do you have on Facebook?  Is your blog providing interesting content? Do you and your colleagues really communicate well, or is it mostly shots in the dark? What do your clients and others think about your communication or brand?

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All of these questions can be answered through a communication or media audit.  It can be done quantitatively by counting certain categories of responses.  It can also be a great plan to interview some people for a more qualitative probing about how your brand makes people feel.  How does your brand, product or service make your stakeholders feel?  What is their opinion of what you or your brand stand for? Are your messages persuasive enough to make people buy into your brand or message?


Communication and media audits can be detailed and comprehensive, or one can opt for a more superficial testing of success.  It is easy to establish whether you get a perfect score of ten out of ten, or a mere three out of ten, for example, for the quality and frequency of your messages.

Many managers, directors and leaders believe that their own communication is as clear as glass, when in fact the opposite is true. Some experts believe that internal communication is the best branding and advertising there is for any company or business. The point is then: does everyone working at this organisation or company think this brand or business is great? Do all the employees feel that internal communication is effective and clear? Nothing can be as destructive as weak internal communication.  If people working at a company do not believe it is a great place to work, how will anyone else think that? You can get answers to all of these questions through a communication audit.

I have extensive academic and practical experience of communication and media audits, and have postgraduate students working on this specific topic in both large and small companies and organisations.  An audit of communication health needs to be designed carefully to ask the right questions.