Branding and brand profiling

What’s in a name?

Stated differently, what’s in a successful brand?  A brand is anyone or anything that has an identity or personality who wants to sell him- or herself, or a company or organization. It could even be a team or a country.

We live in the time of brands.  Think of The Kardachians, or Apple, or Taylor Swift, or South Africa or even Cape Town.  If you don’t pay attention to how you brand or “identify” your company, your messages WILL get drowned out by millions of other brands competing for the attention and money of clients or supporters attention and money.


Any brand needs to ask itself regularly: What messages are making people think? What do I need to put out on the social media of your company, brand or business? Which colors and logo would be the best choices to attract attention? And do I really know what is my or your company’s brand personality?  Is my business, website and social media aligned to send an orchestrated message to our audiences and clients?

I can help you with the process to begin to build your brand.  Branding after all is nothing else than great communication.  I recently had enormous fun when I wrote seven chapters for tertiary textbooks on branding, and I have also lectured in the subject.  If you follow a logical chain of steps, your brand will come together like magic.  Just like people have personalities, your brand should also have one to get to the audience and target market you need.

Some researchers say that we all are receiving between hundreds and thousands of brand and advertising messages per day. These appear on television, posters, billboards, fliers, your mobile phone, social media websites, banners, pamphlets and in magazines and newspapers. You can imagine how easy it is to forget the name of a brand with this constant onslaught of messages on our minds, every minute that we are awake.


It is, however, possible to go about brand creation and brand management in a sequential and logical way. Doing that, all your messages will “gel” into the brand personality.

Please contact me for your branding and social media needs. I love the subject of branding!