Since I was a small child, many years ago, I would often look at people and see brightly-colored “invisible strands” of understanding or disconnection between them. It looked like something what we know today as DNA-strands.  This motivated me to study communication, and how we as ordinary humans can make our own relationships and “messages” better. I also became fascinated by the messages in the media and for a long time only wanted to be an important journalist. Or a film-maker.

There are many ways to communicate.  What matters, is that we cannot NOT communicate.  Whatever we do, we communicate through speech, nonverbal communication and writing. I can help you to communicate more effectively in any situation, personally or at work. Who knows, your next promotion may depend on communication.


Professional communication focuses on the ways in which businesses and companies can interact with their clients, audiences and markets. I do all types of workshops and individual training sessions as well as branding.  Please read more about my services.


Communication skills (verbal and nonverbal): personal, professional and workplace

Media literacy and media effects (media education)

Creative writing workshops and courses (individuals and groups)

Postgraduate support for proposal writing, problem statements and research

Storytelling therapy and healing (individuals and groups)

Module and curriculum writing, design, SAQA submission and quality assurance

Life coaching: self-awareness, life skills, goal-setting, problem-solving, creativity

Editorial formatting of documents, presentations and briefs (postgraduate and professional)

Facilitator | facilitation services (groups, culture, gender and diversity)

Editing, translation and proofreading

Qualitative research: focus groups, etnography, interviews, content analysis, Grounded Theory, action participation, journaling

Branding, brand positioning and profiling

Social media and blogging

Audits for communication and media success

good communication is

Please contact me through the contact form for a conversation about your communication and media needs.  I will always give you a quotation before commencing with services, and will put you, the client, and your needs first in the process of communication.