I’m kind of a bookworm, I admit. I’m addicted to the Internet, and to films. But won’t you agree that this stuff about communication and the media are fascinating?

So, I’m a good kind of bookworm, I think. My qualifications are all about good communication and films and videos and magazines and the Internet. I love it. I am constantly trying to learn more about good communication.

And really, I know that some people think that studying is for losers. But you know what? Communication is a practical thing that we all just have to DO. If you work in communication, you deal with skills. You DO communication, like you drive a car, or play cricket, or know how to dance or sing.

I invite you to have a look at my qualifications. I know what I’m talking about. This has been my focus of interest for decades. I earned my money with communication. My current students are working on exciting topics that I also learn from. (For my resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile.)

When you contact me for any kind of assistance or support, you know that I am really not just an academic advisor.  If I cannot help you, I will find someone who can.  That is my commitment. My mission is to make the world a better place through better communication.

Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision – December 2017, Univ of Rhodes

SAFREA (South African Freelancer Association) – Full Membership 2015/17

SATI (South African Translator’s Institute) – Membership 2015/17

Gender Reconciliation Training as Facilitator – 2015/16

Enneagram Training – 2011

Coaching to Excellence Certificate – UCT Graduate School of Business, 2009

TEFL – University of the Free State, 2009 (Highest distinction)

Ph.D. Communication and Media Studies (Title: An exploration of media literacy in South Africa and a model for tertiary education), 2003 UFS

M.A. Communication and Media Studies [cum laude] (Title: Alternative media in South Africa with specific reference to posters of the ECC), 1987 UJ

B.A. Honours (Communication and Journalism) [cum laude], 1985 UJ

B.A. Communication Studies (Communication, Languages & Psychology), 1977 UFS

Psychology B.A. Honors modules:  Narrative psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Psychological Approaches & Treatments, 2002 UFS